Will Smith Deliver Fresh ‘Focus’?
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Will Smith Deliver Fresh ‘Focus’?

Will Smith’s most recent film “Focus,” is ironically a bit of a blur in my mind.

The pacing is fast and constantly building momentum as it drives you through a colorful world of high-class events and high-stake crime. “Focus” is likely to be the slickest and most stylish movie of the year and has an amazing soundtrack that infuses every beautifully shot scene with a pulsing, kinetic energy.

The strongest energy comes from the two leads, aforementioned Smith and his partner in crime, Margot Robbie. Their chemistry carries the film, and Robbie even manages to steal several scenes from her far more famous co-star. Smith has not had such palpable sexual tension with another actor since Tommy Lee Jones.

Maybe I am the only one who ever felt that.

Anyway, as electric as “Focus” manages to be, it loses some of its  spark throughout the story. The plot is fun and never boring, but many of the twists can be seen from miles away and a few of the cons are laughably implausible.

Choose to watch “Focus” as a sexy whirlwind romance, not as a perfectly written caper.

This is the exact kind of movie Cary Grant would have starred in during his era. Although Grant left a deeper mark the many times he walked through this territory, Smith still manages to leave fresh prints of his own.

See what I did there? Sorry, had to do it.

“Focus” has an amazing eye for style, but sometimes loses sight of the finer details needed for good storytelling. The two leads more than make up for any flaws, and “Focus” zeroes in on 7 terrible “Fresh Prince” puns out of 10.


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