Media Students Share Victory
90FM at the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association awards. Photo courtesy of WWSP 90FM's Facebook.

Media Students Share Victory

The 2015 Wisconsin Broadcasters Association awards presented a unique opportunity for students from SPTV and 90Fm to solidify a supportive relationship between their organizations.

The awards were held Saturday, March 6, in Madison to recognize students who submitted entries to the competition. Students from organizations didn’t just walk away with awards, but a stronger sense of collaboration.

As Promotions Director at SPTV, I manage social media accounts for the organization. From 90Fm to SPTV, we relayed affirming messages to each other throughout the event.

The gratitude felt about our sense of co-support seemed as though it were shared among my colleagues as I discussed the event’s turnout.

Daniel Waterman, 90Fm music director, was especially supportive of his fellow media.

“I was really excited to see how SPTV got really good results, and really that program just being turned around is nice to see,” Waterman said. “The fact that SPTV is doing good stuff and is getting recognized for it means a lot. It’s nice to see colleagues and other people at the university get recognized for the hard work they put in.”

Waterman emphasized the importance of strengthening relationships between organizations.

“I don’t look at the awards ceremony as the biggest part of it,” Waterman said. “I think just getting together and meeting with other people is more important.”

Curtis Rauen, SPTV sports producer, said he hopes to see growth for the station and its relationship with other student media.

“To keep growing and bring home awards is a goal, but also to expand,” Rauen said. “That goes with relationships with radio and the growth of a bigger studio. I think that we’ve proven we’re good enough to bring home some awards and that we deserve to be back filming in Studio A.”

Dylan Shanahan, station manager at 90Fm, was happy for his own organization that submitted 13 entries and came out with one award. Danica Nikezic, news director at 90Fm, earned first place in the long form production non-news category for radio.

“We had a good time as a group of friends; it didn’t feel like work,” Shanahan said. “The bonding experience was much greater for me than learning at the conference was. I think that’s something I’ll take away from it, more or less.”

Laura Braun, general manager at SPTV, did not attend the WBA awards due to illness, but was pleased to see the positivity that came from the event and that her staff was recognized.

SPTV had it’s highest number of entries to date, and Braun was especially proud. SPTV walked away from the event with eight awards. In the past ten years, it had won seven awards overall.

“We kind of had the attitude this year of ‘Why not submit as much as we can?’,” Braun said. “We had nothing to lose. It was $5 per submission, and we all paid out of our own pocket because we were all really excited for the conference.”

After finishing conversations about the event with my colleagues, I was humbled.

Anytime I discuss something with passionate people, it’s difficult to decide what conversations to include in writing. You only come across conversations like these every so often, so when you do, it’s a gift, especially if you’re part of the story yourself.

The passion for our strengthened sense of collaboration was evident. I could not be more proud of the teamwork and camaraderie between these broadcast media organizations.

I am even more privileged to include our success stories in The Pointer, which adds a trifold of support for the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s Division of Communication student media organizations.

The WBA awards are an important opportunity for media students to share their hard work with a panel of judges and create ties for successors to reminisce about and build on in the future.


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