Protective Services Report: 3/12/15

Sunday, March 1st: Pray-Sims staff member called to report an individual stuck in the elevator with no injuries.

Sunday, March 1st: May Roach staff member called to report a resident with a possible concussion.

Monday, March 2nd: Student called stating she was being harassed and would like to speak to an officer.

Monday, March 2nd: Stevens Point ER called stating a student from earlier left his emergency contact information card there and they were unsure what to do with it. Officers picked up the card and delivered it to the on-duty hall director at Pray-Sims.

Monday, March 2nd: CCC staff member called from her office to report an odor of gas in the entrance area off Lot E.

Monday, March 2nd: Baldwin staff member called to report someone skateboarding in front of the hall, probably on the railings.

Tuesday, March 3rd: Staff member called stating he and several other witnesses saw a beige or gold Nissan hit a black Subaru. A female exited, looked at the vehicle and drove off.

Tuesday, March 3rd: Student called to report a man in a blue coat and hat approaching and following students, saying nonsensical things to them. He was spotted with a book and  flashlight.

Wednesday, March 4th: Staff member from HR called to report a male subject in his 50s wandering the halls of Old Main. They did not know his purpose for being in the building.

Wednesday, March 4th: Neale staff member called stating a student had made a threat to burn down 601 Division St.

Wednesday, March 4th: A car was found parked on the sidewalk in front of Thomson and Watson.

Thursday, March 5th: Student called stating her personal possessions have been missing since last semester. When she first noticed this happening, she spoke with her roommate and informed her that she was welcome to borrow items as long as she asked first.

Thursday, March 5th: Female called to inform base that her daughter fell on the cement located by Lot R.

Friday, Mach 6th: Student called to report a male walking toward Hansen who looked intoxicated.

Friday, March 6th: SSPD called regarding female threatening to kill herself with a knife and possibly pills. Her boyfriend was with her and was trying to obtain knives from her room.


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