Student Will Shave Hair if $4000 Is Raised

Student Will Shave Hair if $4000 Is Raised

Brittni Buechel, senior graphic design major, plans to shave off all her hair if she raises $4000 by April 17 for her campaign, Clipping 4 Causes.

She donated her hair to Locks of Love four times before. Now she wants to raise money for multiple causes, not just hair for cancer patients.

“I wanted to do something more than just donating my hair,” Buechel said.

Buechel calls her campaign, Clipping 4 Causes, because she is donating money she raises to four different foundations benefiting research for diseases or syndromes that have affected her life.

The first organization is the Alzheimer’s Association. Her grandpa had the disease for 14 years before dying.

“This was one that really affected me,” Buechel said.

She will donate to the Cancer Research Institute because her grandma died from pancreatic cancer. She will also help the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America.

After donating her hair the fourth time. Photo courtesy of Brittni Buechel.

After donating her hair the fourth time. Photo courtesy of Brittni Buechel.

“Someone I grew up knowing had it,” Buechel said. “Just watching him and his family go through that was something that always affected me.”

Her final cause is National Fragile X Foundation. Fragile X syndrome causes the X chromosome to be prone to damage and can cause mental handicap.

“I had an ex-boyfriend with two siblings with that,” Buechel said. “It was something I had never experienced before, and it really affected the way I look at it.”

This experience affected Buechel because it opened her eyes to people who are on the autism spectrum.

“We have to remember they are different to us, but not to their loved ones,” Buechel said. “It is OK to joke around with them or ask them questions. They still understand, just not in the way we do.”

Buechel began her love for helping others in fifth grade when she needed to get her hair cut for sports. Her mom suggested she donate it to Locks of Love.

Buechel’s only requirement back then was her hair be long enough to tie back. Every time Buechel’s hair grew out, she would cut it and donate it, but this time she decided to create Clipping 4 Causes on her own.

If she does not reach her $4000 goal, she will only cut off ten inches and split the money she raises evenly among the four organizations.

Her family inspired her to create her cause.

“My older brother was the one that helped me get the ball rolling,” Buechel said.

Buechel’s mom, Janet, supported her through her ventures of compassion.

“She’s always been pretty thoughtful of looking out for other people,” Janet said.

Janet attested to the excitement Buechel experienced when she received her first donation.

“When someone donated $5, she was pretty excited about that and happy anyone would donate something,” Janet said.

Buechel is collecting money through her Go Fund Me account at


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