Tomorrow River Students Display Artwork
Tomorrow River Community Charter School student art is displayed outside the Laird Room of the DUC. Photo by Allison Birr.

Tomorrow River Students Display Artwork

The University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point welcomed students from Tomorrow River Community Charter School to showcase their artwork in the Dreyfus University Center.

UWSP integration with the school allows an early exposure to the art and design aspect of college.

Students, parents and community members gathered to view the artwork on Mar. 7 from 5-7 p.m. by the DUC Laird glass showcase. The majority of the artwork was water-color based and geared toward abstract forms.

“I think the artwork displayed is great since it showcases diverse types of art forms,” said Maggie Luebke, pre-nursing major. “UWSP is doing an excellent job of allowing younger generations to be part of something bigger.”

The art was cohesive within each grade. The first-grade project was to draw a bird, while second-grade students created water-color artwork. Third graders drew portraits. Various other types of artwork, from handmade to crayon art, were also displayed.

“It is awesome how they have an understanding of color combination at this young age, such as transitions from warm to cool colors,” said Nidhal Alsharit, natural resources major.


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