Women’s Lacrosse Tackles Rebuilding Year
Women’s Lacrosse Team. Photo by Daniel Soderlund.

Women’s Lacrosse Tackles Rebuilding Year

After a few years of low numbers, the women’s lacrosse team is recruiting in efforts to rebuild their team and resume competing as a club.

“It’s almost like we’re starting up this year,” said sophomore center and President Brandi Scott. “We’re waiting until the weather gets better after break to really get into things.”

Scott is the only player on the team with prior experience and has been playing for over 15 years.

“Since my dad played his whole life and played for John Hopkins, naturally I started playing at a young age,” Scott said.

Scott’s goal for this spring season is to make sure players understand the sport.

One challenge the team faces is a lack of budget.

“The people in charge of the club before us didn’t apply for a budget this year,” said attack wing and Treasurer Laura Dickenson.

This fund shortage prevents the team from setting up matches because they cannot book transportation.

Another challenge  is the team’s practice slot they receive during cold months. The club practices on Tuesday nights from 11:30 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Athletic teams get first pick for practice time followed by intramurals and finally club sports. Practice times are late this semester with the Quandt gymnasium leak.

“This will change when we get outside, but right now it’s tough because no one wants to be at practice that late,” said attack home and Vice President Taylor Schneider.

Challenges aside, the team’s main priority  is to gain experience.

Dickenson hopes to set up a scrimmage with the team in Wisconsin Rapids.

The team went from five members to 17 in the last year. They still want to recruit members.

“Even if you don’t think you’re coordinated enough come and try it out,” Dickinson said. “You get the hang of it pretty quickly.”

Schneider said she was pleased with who  tried out and continued to show up.

“It can be intimidating. It’s something fun though and if you’ve never played, try it,” Schneider said.

Even with lots of new faces the team gets along  well.

“We have team dinners and do fun things like that,” Scott said.


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