Exotic Spring Getaways Found Locally
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Exotic Spring Getaways Found Locally

College students seeking exotic spring vacations found Central Wisconsin particularly enjoyable during the 2015 spring break at the University of Wisconsin Stevens-Point.

Local bars remained open for business despite less than desirable temperatures and general lack of student presence. Businesses employed students for the week and some employees were able to maintain their pale, winter skin by working indoors.

“Partners was open all week,” said Brady Drinksalot, junior wildlife major. “It was kind of a dude fest, but there were still some chicks who didn’t have boyfriends.”

Drinksalot worked 10-hour shifts stacking pallets in a factory during winter break. He chose to work during spring break because there was not enough ice to ice fish and he needed to save money for new mud tires.

“I don’t hunt anything in the spring, so I didn’t mind staying around here,” Drinksalot said. “My buddies and I drank a lot so it was worth it. I still wore my cutoff.”

Students without jobs were able to enjoy time off in other ways. Sophomore psychology major Chelsea Basic spent her spring break watching MTV and Disney movies at her apartment in Stevens Point. Basic stood behind her decision to keep things simple.

“I went to Florida once for spring break,” Basic said. “I got an underage and lost my phone and my parents were like, really mad.”

Throughout the week, Basic was content with wearing sweatpants and sending sarcastic messages to her vacationing friends via Snapchat. She made sure to enjoy the period of relaxation because daily challenges for college students in the United States are so overwhelming.

“I only have time to watch TV on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays,” Basic said. “Psychology is like, really hard, so spring break is legitly needed.”

Basic said she would have gone to Florida again this year, but an argument about being “fake” with her roommate during February made her reconsider. She said the best thing about not traveling was that Belts’ and Starbucks were still open.

Senior Ryan Kernosky planned to travel south during break to attend a series of motivational speeches, but stayed in Stevens Point to hone his curling skills. Kernosky admitted the decision was tough, but he was glad he stayed.

“The break is a perfect time to work on your form,” Kernosky said. “There are only nine more months until next season and every second counts.”

When he was not curling, Kernosky was free to enjoy the Wisconsin spring weather. Stevens Point, he said, is a great place to enjoy spring because it never really gets warm enough to wear shorts or a T-shirt. As a member of SGA, Kernosky prefers to dress in business casual attire at all times.

“You know, Stevens Point really isn’t that bad during the break,” Kernosky said. “It’s a time to get things done for yourself, and that’s a good thing.”


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