Hill Says GBye to AP Style
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Hill Says GBye to AP Style

Journo Prof. Steve Hill announced 2day that he won’t B teaching AP Style to his journo students starting this fall.

W/ new changes in tech., AP Style is not the way 2 go anymore. Txting has taken over the realm of the writing comm., and UWSP is joining the trend.

Students seem 2 B happy w/ the change being made 2 their cirric.

“W/ being a sports enthuse., I think this will hlp my career gr8tly,” said Martin Kauffman, journo major. “Stats will B vry efficient now, since that’s all ppl want 2 kno.”

Hill is also the adviser for The Pointer newspaper at UWSP, where the journo’s will B making this change nxt wk.

The Pointer’s editors R a lil skeptical about this change.

“I h8 txting language; I dn’t think AP Style should B dying just yet,” said Grace Ebert, editor-in-chief.

Hill’s defense is that npapers need to stay ^ to d8 with the rest of the wrld.

“The Pointer needs to stay cutting edge, just like the UWSP Comm. Dept.,” Hill said.

Other npapers like the NYT and the LAT have upd8d their writing styles as well.

“This is jst the way journo shld B now,” said Dean Baquet, managing editor for the NYT.

Being the only npaper on campus, The Pointer will change the way the comm. sees journo.

“I’m xcited to see The Pointer change this comm. representations of journo,” said Rhonda Sprague, comm. div. head.

W/ The Buzz app being released recently, the new style will B helpful to students w/ cell phones attached to their hands.

“I think business will B booming aftr this change is made nxt week,” said Ryan Kernosky, biz mngr for The Pointer. “I think we will B more popular than the SPJ.”

The SPJ and other local npapers have not released any info on whether they will B changing 2 txt style any time soon.

“I think we’re ahead of the game on this 1,” Hill said.


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