Pointlife Editor Goes Insane
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Pointlife Editor Goes Insane

While I was writing my articles this week for Pointlife, I became fed up and threw my notebook at my computer.

In addition to writing human interest stories, I was applying for jobs, taking a D2L quiz that was due in 30 minutes, planning my life up until I was 80 and trying to cook pasta.

Finally, I broke down and sobbed.

I let the D2L quiz run, turned off the stove and went to lie down on the floor in order to stop thinking about my future for ten seconds. Writing is my love and talent, but I was worn out from the fast-paced, journalistic lifestyle.

I decided to drown my sorrows by checking out Facebook. I saw that my friend Ryan Kernosky had baked some rainbow cupcakes topped with a generous swirl of vanilla frosting.

They were so perfect and bright and his face was full of delight. I wanted to know how he was so happy with his life and use his source of cheer to make me feel better. LifeCrisis

His post read, “Here is a link to my Pinterest. I love creating new crafts because they soothe my soul.”

I never knew our business director was so crafty. He inspired me to quit being a journalist and become a professional Pinterest pinner.

By the way, I am terrible at crafts, but I did not care at that point because I thought crafts meant happiness.

I searched through his Pinterest page and found mason jars, flower pots, cupcakes shaped like ducks, bright colors and cute little houses with extravagant flower gardens.

These crafts enlightened me, and I thought they would bring true delight.

I told my editor-in-chief Grace Ebert that I had to take a break from the fast life at “The Pointer” in order to fully indulge in Pinterest.

However, I did not break all of my journalistic ties. I asked Ebert and my adviser Steve Hill to look over the blog I created to document my transformation into a craft-loving pinner.

I had a brilliant idea to create a craft of my own. What I planned on doing was spooning heaps of Nutella into a mason jar.

I did not stop there. I was going to decorate the mason jar with glitter, ribbons and inscribe my name on it.

It turned out to be a disaster. I had to purchase ten jars of Nutella to fill my mason jar which coast me $50. My cut out letters and cute ribbons appeared as if  kindergartners had self-induced panic attacks and took out their rage on those poor crafts.

I wrote about this experience in a blog and asked Hill and Ebert to look over it. They asked me why it took me 3000 words to write the exact same sentence I wrote above in 44 words.

They said I did not have to describe the texture of the mason jar or the year it was made in order to get my point across.

LifeCrisis(2)That is when I realized I was acting like the kindergartner who induced a panic attack on themselves. I laid down on my floor again and sighed.

I picked myself up and emailed Ebert I would be returning to The Pointer to write and edit.

I realized bright colors and mason jars may be enticing, but it is hard to do when you are bad at crafts.

I am not sure what I was thinking. I think I was overcome with a temporary fit of madness.


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