Students and Faculty Support Mascot Change
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Students and Faculty Support Mascot Change

Beginning the 2015 fall semester, students at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point will no longer be considered Pointers.

The result of a recent campus-wide poll influenced UWSP to change its mascot from a pointer to a squirrel.

MascotChange(2)The poll’s outcome proved the majority of students and faculty feel a squirrel better represents the university. Eighty-five percent of those who participated in the poll want the university’s mascot to change.

Kertle Breed, sophomore majoring in business, looks forward to becoming a Squirrel as opposed to being a Pointer.

“Our campus is full of squirrels,” Breed said “Squirrels make more sense as the mascot for the university. It’s not like you see pointer dogs running around campus every day.”

Breed admits he is partial to squirrels because of a bad experience that he had with a pointer dog. During his early childhood, Breed was bitten by his neighbor’s dog, which happened to be a pointer. Squirrel(2)

Ryan Kernosky, legislative affairs director of SGA, believes there is a huge demand for a change in mascot.

“A lot of students complained that a pointer does not relate enough to Stevens Point,” Kernosky said.

Kernosky is excited to embrace life as a Squirrel.

“I cannot wait to sport a giant squirrel on my jersey for the curling club,” Kernosky said.

Some students and faculty members are opposed to change. Pam Rizzon, senior English major, is outraged at the idea of being a squirrel.

Rizzon is the proud owner of 18 sweaters and 21 T-shirts she bought at the university bookstore. The pointer is incorporated somewhere within almost every piece of apparel she owns.

“I have spent a lot of money on Pointer apparel, so to find out that the university has decided to change the mascot is extremely upsetting,” Rizzon said. “I don’t want to have to buy a new wardrobe just because our mascot is changing.”

Despite reluctance, the majority of campus is ready to embrace change.

“We are going to be Squirrels,” Breed said. “I hope that students and faculty members will stand by the university’s new mascot. Pointers are our past, squirrels are our future.”


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