#TheDress Causes Divorce
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#TheDress Causes Divorce

A single image of a dress has not only mesmerized the nation, but caused newlyweds Amanda Lewis and Jeffery Clark to get divorced after a heated disagreement on the color of the dress.

According to Lewis, the body-con dress is blue and black, while Clark sees the dress as gold and white. Both had received an e-mail from their mutual friend, Larry Putts wondering what they thought the color of the dress was.

Lewis and Clark were married last January, after courting for two years. Little did they know, within a few months, a superficial artifact would inevitably cause the obliteration of their relationship.

“We were a strong couple, but I just cannot imagine living with someone that does not share my point of view,” Lewis said.

Lewis and Clark are on cordial terms and have no plans of getting back together. The dress, otherwise known as “#TheDress” on Twitter, is believed to have caused riveting effects on people who disagree about what colors it is.

“Amanda does not belong with me,” Clark said. “We have different perspectives on life.”

Ryan Kernosky, University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point student and bachelor, said he sees blue and black and wouldn’t date anyone who saw gold and white.

“I couldn’t date anyone who saw gold and white. They wouldn’t understand or deserve me,” Kernosky said.

#TheDress has captured worldwide attention, and Lewis and Clark are no exception. Their story has touched many other couples and, because of Lewis and Clark, many couples across the world have been encouraged to separate themselves.

Lewis and Clark now both live separately in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.



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