Chinese Lantern Festival Soars with Talent
The Chinese Culture Club held their annual Lantern Festival on March 28th. Photo by Riddhi Gandhi.

Chinese Lantern Festival Soars with Talent

Tradition and live entertainment were highlights of the Chinese Culture Club’s annual Chinese Lantern Festival on Saturday, March 28.

The evening started with the Chinese Club Adviser, Chunyu Miao, who gave a brief introduction about what the club stands for and how attendants could contribute to the community. Yuchen Zhu, club president, served the audience with some immigration puns to lighten the mood and make everyone more comfortable.

“We had people come from all over, including people from campus and off campus,” Miao said. “We have involvement not just from Chinese club students, but from American students and other ethnic background students.”

Asian food was catered by local restaurants, such as Tokyo Steakhouse, Lor’s Market & Vietnamese, China Wok, Chef Chu and Lemon Grass Noodle House. Crab Rangoons seemed to be a crowd-pleaser. As for entrees, both vegetarian and meat options were served. Dessert offered were Chinese rice dumplings.

The four emcees Guangyu Zhu, Peichuan Ji, Kate Kistner, and Zhengjie Liao entertained the crowd with wit and humor as they presented various acts throughout the course of the evening.

Performances ranged from the traditional lion dance to a modern dance accompanied by the song “Dancing Diva.”

The martial arts group from Madison showcased its strength and stamina at the event. The night closed with a violin performance by Dinesh Traynor and Roshini Traynor.

“It was great to be here and learn about other cultures,” said Mostafa Alabaed, healthcare administration major. “I love that UWSP gives opportunities to international students to showcase their culture and educate others about it.”

The Chinese Lantern Festival was a success for the club. Officers and volunteers hope it inspired audience members to seek more knowledge about diverse cultures.

“I really enjoyed coming to the Chinese Lantern Festival,” said Sasha Everett, audience member. “I was here last year and am looking forward to coming next year and I loved seeing the variety.”


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