Fashion Unconsciously Lighter in Spring?
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Fashion Unconsciously Lighter in Spring?

Color is more than an aesthetic principle for fashion in the Midwest, where people may or may not be aware they are naturally moving toward different color palettes in their wardrobes for springtime.

“In springtime, people are going to be wearing cooler colors: greens, purples, blues,” said JinMan Jo, associate professor of art and design.

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Color theory can be described as the way colors relate to one another or interact together. Jo explained how a person is naturally attracted to wearing colors opposite to his or her environment.

“Temperature is something to pay attention to,” Jo said. “Stevens Point is very peaceful. There is a lot of water and trees around, so naturally students will gravitate toward wearing cooler colors, especially in springtime.”

Jake Szeligowski, 2D design student, said fashion and color theory move together.

People are attracted to wearing colors opposite to their environment. Photo courtesy of

People are attracted to wearing colors opposite to their environment. Photo courtesy of

“As a painter, when we look at colors, it’s interesting because colors come from how many colors of paint car companies are using,” Szeligowski said. “As a society, we’re getting more and more generic in our car colors, which is really odd. So, that affects the way paint is being manufactured for painters. I think the same thing sort of happens in fashion.”

Szeligowski said most art forms tend to work together, but moods and attitudes of students may also be a reflection of changes in Midwest fashion each season.

“People start to gravitate away from blacks and greys in springtime, from muted colors to more pastels and springtime colors, referencing to their happiness,” Szeligowski said.

Though the fashion industry is currently debuting fall fashion, Midwest students may not be considering their springtime wardrobe changes due to the Wisconsin climate. Still, it seems the hope for springtime alludes fresher palettes.

“It’s crazy because we’re really off in the fashion world, but I think right now with the trends we’re looking at, color theory is kind of A-wall,” Szeligowski said. “I don’t want to say that, but there isn’t really a color or necessarily a trend of color that seems really prominent. It seems like a mix of everything, and I think a lot of designers are almost literally throwing a whole hat box of colors into things. They’re mixing everything, things that wouldn’t normally go together. They’re just doing everything.”

Midwest fashion week occurred March 26-28 in Indianapolis Artsgarden, located in Indiana. It showcased creative, independent designers who neither confirmed nor denied the relationship between color theory and fashion based on their visual representations on the runway and in photographs on the event homepage.

Though it would appear the fashion industry is becoming increasingly sporadic, it seems the role of fashion in Stevens Point this spring will maintain a more humble, intricate role.
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