‘Get Hard’ Should Die Hard
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‘Get Hard’ Should Die Hard

The posters for “Get Hard” have portrayed Kevin Hart dreading Will Ferrell’s hair. Ever since I saw that, my life has featured me dreading this stupid movie.

In the film, Ferrell portrays a millionaire who has been charged with fraud. In reality, Ferrell is a millionaire who should also be charged with fraud. I can think of nothing more phony and misleading than him going around and promoting “Get Hard” as a comedy.

This movie is so bad that Ferrell has reached Eddie Murphy levels concerning the way he is falling out of touch. Both men reached super-stardom with sharp, innovative comedy on “Saturday Night Live” and in their early films, but eventually became more interested in the numbers on their paychecks than the words on their scripts.

Hart, Ferrell’s co-star, is coincidentally doing a Murphy impression, but is trying to mimic the young version instead.

“Get Hard” is not the kind of movie a young Murphy would have done; it’s the kind of movie a young Chris Rock would have done while also trying to be Murphy.

In his prime, Murphy was busy with stuff like “Trading Places,” a comedy classic that also featured a rich white man losing everything and getting a taste of what it is like to be black and underprivileged in America. It literally has a scene with Dan Aykroyd wearing blackface, and yet somehow “Get Hard” has racial caricatures that are even more disgusting.

At least “Trading Places” seemed like it had something to say about social dynamics in America. “Get Hard” just wants to use stereotypes to mock people. It is not just racist, but blatantly homophobic as well. After watching a half hour of this garbage, I was dreaming of trading places with anyone on the planet who was watching something else.

There are brief glimmers of good comedy here, but “Get Hard” does not manage to keep it up. It mostly stays tired and limp, leaving you unsatisfied. The lackluster effort only earns 3 little blue pills out of 10.


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