‘Half a Native’ Album Review

Buxton has been a rustic band since 2003 and has made a name for themselves within this style of music. However, their most recent and fifth LP release, “Half A Native,” marks the band’s continuing deviation from twangy southern rock to utilizing elements from every branch of experimental music.

All five of the members of the La Porte, Texas based band used “Half a Native” as a way to prove this point. Those familiar with Buxton should be aware that old dogs really can learn new tricks. In order to shake things up for this album, Buxton took off for Los Angeles to work with producer Thom Monahan, who’s done work with great artists like Vetiver and Devendra Banhart.

The first track “What I’d Do ” welcomes you into the psychedelic, ambient, distorted and dreamy world that Buxton strives to create. Front man, Sergio Trevino guides the listener through the song with long echoes of electric guitar chords, harmonious synth notes, and melancholy lyrics. From there, Buxton dishes up a wonderful collage of genres that creates a unique sound anyone can enjoy.

Photo courtesy of newwestrecords.com

Photo courtesy of newwestrecords.com

Trevino has described the band’s presence as honest and explorative of various genres, especially upon their new eclectic release. Their sounds are hybridized in a way that very few bands have managed to do, giving the listener a taste of folk, indie rock, and psychedelia in 11 songs. Grand guitar anthems and humble acoustic melodies help give this album a nostalgic feeling, which serves as a very pleasant trip down memory lane.

“Half A Native” brings a very new and fresh sound to a band that was in dire need of variation. While this new LP does hold onto certain folky elements, only a few songs are solely folk oriented, and the ones that are traditional in nature have an experimental spin added to them.

This album ventures into sonic territories never before heard by this group, and offers a great indie and experimental rock experience. On a slow or boring day, Buxton’s newest release will take your mind off of your troubles, and cradle you in a state of musical Zen.

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