Letter-Writing Campaign for Students with a Stance
SGA is organizing a letter writing campaign against proposed budget cuts. Photo by Allison Birr.

Letter-Writing Campaign for Students with a Stance

The Student Government Association is organizing a campaign allowing students to take action for or against the proposed University of Wisconsin System budget cuts by writing letters to the Joint Finance Committee and Gov. Scott Walker.

Since the proposed budget was announced, community members have held meetings, protested and lobbied at the capitol. This campaign allows for students’ voices to be heard by writing letters to those working with the budget.

“We’ve gone through phase one of educating community members and students about the proposed budget cuts,” said Shelby Kreeb, caucus chair of the College of Professional Studies. “Now we want to move to phase two to help them use the knowledge they have to do something.”

The tabling in buildings on campus including residential halls and kit locations in student organizations will do most of the work for students. Postage delivery, mail cost, envelopes, paper and a list of people to write to will be provided by SGA.

“Basically all they have to do is write the letters and we provide everything else,” said Nick Meyers, caucus chair of the College of Fine Arts and Communication.

Even though SGA recently took a stance against the proposed cuts, they are urging people with any opinion to make their voices heard.

“Our student government wants to represent students period, not just students we agree with,” said Amy Vida, speaker of the Senate.

She said that being able to stand up for what students believe in can make a difference for Wisconsin education.

“We want them to know that this is their education, this is their school and they should have a say in how it’s run,” said Ryan Schwobe, caucus chair for the College of Letters and Science.

Not only does this give students an outlet to voice their opinions, it can help them be more well-rounded citizens, Vida said.

“We want students to be acquainted with the idea of writing to legislators because that’s something that every citizen can do,” Vida said.

The campaign is predicted to start in full force beginning April 6. Campus-wide emails will be sent to students for more information on writing letters to key decision-makers.


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