Centertainment Brings Funk Music to Friday
Photo courtesy of The Mustache's Facebook.

Centertainment Brings Funk Music to Friday

The Mustache and Prodo filled the Encore with upbeat funk music and head bobbing on Friday, March 27.

Photo courtesy of The Mustache's Facebook.

Photo courtesy of The Mustache’s Facebook.

“There were so many different sound variations in funk music”, said Yuki Yoshida, audience member.

The Mustache and Prodo emphasized the uniqueness of the genre by playing percussion, keyboard, and electric guitars. This event exhibited funk as a fun, bold musical style.

That Friday’s event provided students with a chance to unwind in a new way.

Photo courtesy of Prodo's Facebook.

Photo courtesy of Prodo’s Facebook.

“The Mustache managed, in a matter of seconds, to get the crowd on their feet dancing and bobbing their heads to the funky music throughout the night,” said Hussein Zine, psychology major.

The band played various covers of popular songs, as well as the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and “Ghostbusters” theme songs.

Audience members sang along to the music, especially when The Mustache brought a fresh twist to the tunes, filling the room with the vibrations of funk music.

“The music was very upbeat. It was very nice that they played some familiar songs, which brought about an inclusive environment,” said Lien Nguyen, biochemistry major. “The band was connecting with its audience.”


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