Granny Hair Trend Teeters as Fad
Younger women are starting to dye their hair as part of a new trend. Photo courtesy of

Granny Hair Trend Teeters as Fad

What is known as the granny hair trend has become popular and inspired young women to dye their hair shades of grey for a “silver fox” appearance.

Hair dye is just one way women creatively express themselves, and whether it be for attention or as a creative outlet, the trend has forced a double-take. University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point students have varied opinions about the new beauty look.

“I think it’s ironic that the older generation, or the older people, are actually spending so much time and money trying to dye their gray hair, and now there is this new trend granny hair which is supposedly attractive,” said Michelle Wilde, psychology major.

Juan Pablo Garcia, business major, was humorous about the trend, admitting he didn’t quite understand it.

“It is innovative, and I have not seen girls in this hair color before,” Garcia said. “My grandma has this color.”

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Hairstylists at Blonde and Beyond in downtown Stevens Point said the trend has prepared them to be ready for clients that may request the look. Stylists are also prepared to showcase the look on hair mannequins at the salon, should they see a flourishing need.

“I think it is cool, but it’s weird that we are trying to make ourselves look older. I like the color, and you can do a lot with it,” said Chelsey Yenter, Blonde and Beyond stylist. “It breaks away from normal brown and blonde, and people are becoming more trendy.”

Rebecca Henderickson, a fellow stylist, had a different reaction to the look.

“I think it’s gorgeous, and there are lot of different things you can do with it, whether it be gray ombre, all gray, or peekaboo gray,” Henderickson said. “It is a high maintenance color, which requires you to come back every three weeks.”

Whether the fad fades or sustains client interest is yet to be seen.


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