Protective Services Report: 4/9/15

Sunday, March 29th: A picnic table was found broken in half between Pray-Sims and Smith.

Sunday, March 29th: Male was caught kicking a parking meter outside the George Stein building.

Sunday, March 29th: Officers encountered two people on Isadore stealing several signs.

Sunday, March 29th: An officer discovered that someone had stolen part of a traffic barrier out of Lot Q.

Monday, March 30th: Male called stating he received a call from an individual who was threatening to kill his family.

Monday, March 30th: Hyer staff member called to report a marijuana odor.

Tuesday, March 31st: Male called stating his friend was sending him suicidal messages over social media.

Wednesday, April 1st: Debot staff member called about a plumbing emergency.

Thursday, April 2nd: SSPD called after receiving a call from a male about his friend who was driving while intoxicated and possibly depressed.

Thursday, April 2nd:  Four suspects were acting suspiciously on Michigan Avenue near Schmeeckle.

Friday, April 3rd: Watson staff member called to speak with an officer regarding a theft in one of her resident’s rooms.

Saturday, April 4th: Student called to request an officer to check the welfare of a male and female subject in Watson. The caller overheard an argument and the female saying “let go of my arm” and was concerned.

Saturday, April 4th: Thomson staff member was called by the hall director and asked to inform PS that a shower curtain and sign in the girls’ bathroom had been burned.



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