Review: Why Go ‘Furious?’
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Review: Why Go ‘Furious?’

Do I really need to summarize the plot of “Furious 7” before I review it? You know how this one will go even before seeing it, right? Vroom, vroom. Boom, boom, “Aw… bye Paul.”

The untimely death of Paul Walker is the big elephant in the room going into this movie, so I will get it out of the way early and say that his role is handled very well. Not only is his send off tastefully done, but it’s actually really touching. What could have been an awkward, uncomfortable mess ends up being a perfect dedication to Walker’s time with the series.

“Furious 7” does a lot of other things right, too. It is one of the few franchises out there that seems to know its fan base perfectly and gives them exactly what they want. What those fans apparently want are scripts written by 13-year-old boys, but hey, the formula works, and I honestly had fun.

“Furious 7” is literally what would happen if your little brother sat with his friends in a basement, smoked a lot of weed, and said, “Hey, you know what would be a cool movie?”

Vin Diesel drives a muscle car from one skyscraper to another, and Jason Statham has an epic brawl with The Rock.  Those are the only two things I bet they wrote in the script. The rest was just scribbles and crayon drawings of explosions.

As I said, though, “Furious 7” is fun. Whatever it lacks in writing and acting, it makes up for by being the exact high-octane thrill ride that it advertises itself as. This is the frat party of movies. It is loud, obnoxious, and often ridiculous, but if you are drunk with the right group of people, you will have a blast, even if you are just there to make fun of all the nonsense.

“Furious 7” gets a serious 7 out of 10.


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