Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:


Thank you for a good edition of The Pointer, published on March 12, 2015.

I enjoyed reading in it about sports, music, student government and environment sustainability.

The editorial is well written, as are the other news stories.  This spring I am celebrating fifty years

since I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in music education from The Ohio State University

in Columbus in 1965, having arrived at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point to teach in the

music department in 1969.  Indeed, a college education is for a lifetime, I am certain.  My experience

presently includes practicing percussion and piano on music I learned in college, as well as doing

reading and writing with skills I developed during my undergraduate education.  For example,

I play snare drum here in central Wisconsin in the Grenadiers Band on music that I played in college,

such as John Philip Sousa’s “Liberty Bell March” that I also conducted with the UWSP Concert Band

in the early 1970s in the “new” Michelsen Hall in Noel Fine Arts Center.  Thank you for a good newspaper,

reporting news of interest to the campus and surrounding community:  I urge you to highly value

your college education, a real privilege in today’s world that provides citizens who contribute to the

environment and society.




Geary H. Larrick

Doctor of Musical Arts

Assistant Professor of Music, Retired

University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point


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