Administrators Need to Be Transparent about Cuts

With the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point administration’s suggestion of splitting and redistributing the College of Fine Arts and Communication last week, we witnessed a new surge of opposition from students, faculty, staff and community members.

Although administrators have said many times since Gov. Scott Walker proposed cuts to the UW System that everything at UWSP is on the table, we don’t know exactly what that means. Dismantling the COFAC was surprising and was unheard of before it was proposed to the college’s faculty.

While many of us have advocated administrative cuts, we know eliminating a single college’s administration will not be helpful. Doing so would only hurt our academics suffer as deans and their support staff would be spread too thin.

During such a stressful time, we, as community members and as part of UWSP, need to have faith in our administrators to make decisions that will ultimately benefit UWSP students long term.

We also need to consider how our decisions affect our community. UWSP attracts visitors to the area for the arts, athletics and other large events and encourages economic growth. If we sacrifice large portions of these programs, we also could see our community businesses struggle.

The end of the semester is approaching quickly, and once classes end for the summer, those leaving the area will find it more difficult to be connected with the campus budget cuts. We need to voice our opinions now about what is essential to a UWSP education and to the Stevens Point community.

Last week’s events should be a lesson to all about the impact proposed budget cuts have on a university and a community. Administrators need to be transparent from now on to ensure a bright future for UWSP.

Grace Ebert


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