Destination Imagination Takes Stevens Point by Storm
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Destination Imagination Takes Stevens Point by Storm

Students involved in Destination Imagination, an organization that promotes creativity in children, will volunteer and judge 280 students in the state competition on April 18 in Stevens Point.

Winning teams will progress to the global competition in Knoxville, Tennessee.

“It’s really cool that you think you may be done with it after high school, but there are tons of opportunities if you want to manage a team, appraise and get to volunteer at globals,” said Jarrod Martin, volunteer.

The organization has given some students valuable knowledge, helping them succeed after high school.

“Our challenges are created in a way that there is no right solution, so they have to work together,” said Michael Judkins, executive director of the Wisconsin group. “We want all of our learners to participate in 21st century jobs.”

Martin said the organization helped him grow.

“Just looking at myself from freshman year to now just strictly because of DI, you can’t even put into perspective how much I’ve grown as a teamwork-orientated person,” Martin said.


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