Men’s Lacrosse Season Looking Bright
Photo courtesy of Joseph Kellnhofer.

Men’s Lacrosse Season Looking Bright

Coming off of a .500 season, the men’s lacrosse team has high hopes for its spring season because of its success during fall.

“We faced a lot of tough competition this fall, but we did well in our home tournament and things are looking up,” said senior President Joseph Kellnhofer.

Photo courtesy of Joseph Kellnhofer.

Photo courtesy of Joseph Kellnhofer.

During Kellnhofer’s freshman year at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, five freshmen helped expand the team, by increasing the number of players at practice from around ten to 20.

“We were excited to rebuild and that’s that we did,” Kellnhofer said.

With numbers up, the team’s goal is to be in higher bracket in the Madison tournament at the end of the year.

“Last year we were in the B bracket, but this year we want to be in the A bracket where we’ll see teams like Northern Michigan and Madison,” said sophomore, Vice President Hayden Fredriksen.

In order to achieve this goal, the team must win its division tournament.

Photo courtesy of Joseph Kellnhofer

Photo courtesy of Joseph Kellnhofer

One thing the team wants to improve is practice attendance. With cold weather and a late time slot for inside practice, attendance has been low.

Kellnhofer would also like to see athletes come together as a team.

“We have a lot of individual talent and great team bonding, so I would like to see us work more as one unit,” Kellnhofer said.

Fredriksen said he wants to see team chemistry, along with high attendance at games.

Aside from rival teams like St. Norbert College and Northern Michigan University, Mad Cow, a team of alumni players without loyalties to any university, also poses tough competition for the club.

In addition to this competition, the team sees the weather as an obstacle.

“We’re indoors for part of fall, all of winter and part of spring,” Kellnhofer said. “It sucks to be stuck inside because, for example, ground balls are different inside versus outside.”

The team gained fewer freshmen this year and is looking for recruits next fall.

“Our coach is very willing to work with new people, and the experienced guys can help one on one as well,” Kellnhofer said.

Kellnhofer also said practices can be strict, but the team is not afraid to loosen up.

“When we lose, we talk about it and then forget about it,” Kellnhofer said.


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