Protective Services Report: 4/16/15

Sunday, April 5th: Emergency contact for student was called because his mother needed to reach him.

Sunday, April 5th: Female called asking about her son’s wallet that was found over the weekend and said she would pick it up.

Monday, April 6th: PS received a call from the loading dock elevator in the science building with no answer on the other end. Another call came in shortly after saying a custodian was stuck in the elevator. Facility Services was called.

Tuesday, April 7th: Knutzen staff member called to say they believed students were smoking marijuana in a room.

Tuesday, April 7th: SSFD called requesting an electrician’s phone number.

Tuesday, April 7th: Anonymous caller requested that officers check out the first floor science building men’s bathroom for a suspicious small plastic bag on the toilet paper dispenser that has a crystal formation inside.

Tuesday, April 7th: Female reported her vehicle was struck by another vehicle. The offender left a note, but they struck her tire and she did not want to drive off.

Tuesday, April 7th: Female subject was passed out in the cafeteria area in Lower Debot. She was breathing and intoxicated.

Wednesday, April 8th: Professor called saying one of his students collapsed. He was unconscious, but it was unclear if he was breathing or not.

Wednesday, April 8th: Watson staff member called to request an officer to check on a student.

Wednesday, April 8th: SSPD called stating a collared deer was hit on Stanley Street across from Scaffidi in the eastbound lane. It was a campus tag.

Thursday, April 9th: Male called complaining a maintenance door was open and appeared to be broken into

Thursday, April 9th: Steiner staff member called about a student using marijuana.

Thursday, April 9th: Student called to complain about a group of smokers outside of the DUC across from Lot R. She asked them to move across the street, but they were rude to her.

Friday, April 10th: Surplus staff member called regarding work order submitted by PS about a blue phone that is out of order.

Saturday, April 11th: Female called about five males drinking alcohol and fishing on the west side of Lake Joanis.




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