Trivia 46 to Present Fun Challenge
Trivia 46's theme, "Guardians of the Contest." Photo courtesy of WWSP's Facebook.

Trivia 46 to Present Fun Challenge

Trivia 46 “Guardians of the Galaxy” will put a fresh spin on the annual challenge as volunteers, students and community members prepare to support the weekend-long event beginning Friday, April 17  6 p.m. lasting through Sunday, April 19 until midnight.

This year’s trivia theme stems from the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Jim “The Oz” Oliva said changing the theme each year keeps the contest new.

Oliva writes questions for the contest. Since 1979, he has held this title, making this his 37th year quizzing over 10,000 contestants around the world on topics in media.

Passionate trivia players camped out for registration. Photo courtesy of WWSP's Facebook.

Passionate trivia players camped out for registration. Photo courtesy of WWSP’s Facebook.

“I ran ‘Guardians of the Contest’ past the ‘committee of me’ and the idea was put through,” Oliva joked. “The coolest part about writing new questions each year is digging through and finding ‘did ya know?’ moments. It is a never ending learning experience.”

Eli Frieders, 90FM program director, said the station is more prepared than ever. He said the staff has put a lot of effort into promoting the contest and the same level of effort can be expected during the contest.

Dylan Shanahan, station manager at 90FM, said mishaps are still a guarantee, however. Sometimes volunteers miss shifts, the internet overloads or other unplanned events occur. When this happens Shanahan said the staff has always banded together and maintained.

“The wacky stuff is what you don’t expect and is a large part of the trivia excitement,” Shanahan said. “It’s my last year here, and I want to have fun with it.”

The contest will kick off with a parade around campus on April 17 at 4 p.m. 90FM’s float is a surprise, but is expected to tie elements of the station and the theme together in a clever way.

“Working on the float also gives volunteers a great opportunity to get to know one another,” said Carly Caputa, 90FM parade float coordinator. “There are many different departments involved that don’t usually work together at the station, and the crew is great.”

Once trivia begins, staff and volunteers work around the clock. Shanahan said it is not uncommon to find them asleep on couch cushions, benches or other odd locations around the station.

“You’re running on fumes that whole weekend and are lucky to get a total eight hours of sleep,” Frieders said.

Trivia is also an opportunity for student organizations to work together.

“We love working with 90FM and are happy to work with them for trivia,” said Laura Braun, SPTV general manager.

Photo courtesy of WWSP's Facebook.

Photo courtesy of WWSP’s Facebook.

SPTV provides the visuals for trivia, keeping teams up to date on questions with broadcast graphics. The staff also creates team focus segments to feature participants. Braun said these interviews will be aired at the top of various hours during trivia.

We also have many new faces helping run trivia, making it more exciting as they bring fresh ideas and enthusiastic attitudes,” Braun said . 

SPTV broadcasts trivia on Charter channel 983 and streams online at

“Whether you are a volunteer coordinating the event or are an avid contestant, trivia reunites people,” Oliva said. “Teams tend to pick up right where they left off, as if no time has passed.”

Shanahan said trivia is more than a contest.

“It’s about getting together with friends and family and having a good time,” Shanahan said.


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