Why I am Writing About Love
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Why I am Writing About Love

When I sent out a Facebook message asking people if they knew any engaged or married couples attending college, I received quite a few responses.

I attempted to squeeze the stories of the couples into one article but soon discovered that relationships are intricate and deserve their own stories.

I have always been interested in how couples, especially those in college, find time to devote to each other. When talking with other people, I discovered that I am not the only one, and other people are dying to know how couples make something last in college.

I am setting forth to write a profile of four couples in attempts to discover what makes each relationship stand out. I want to take their individual experiences and stories and relate them to how the rest of us can find love in whatever form it may come.

I begin with the story of Jennifer Potts and Erich Maas.

Read the story here: http://thepointeruwsp.com/2015/04/17/building-a-dream-together/


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