Athletes Speak: Brands They Love

Athletes Speak: Brands They Love

Among student athletes, who compete in a wide variety of sports at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Nike is the favored brand for athletic clothing and apparel.

Sophomore Brad Freeborn, forward on the men’s basketball team, said he often chooses Nike and Jordan brands, but it is  just a coincidence.

“When I’m shopping or looking for clothes online I get whatever I like the look of most and whatever seems to be a good deal,” Freeborn said. “It just happens that a lot of the time it’s Nike or Jordan.”

Sophomore tennis player Megan Zielke holds the number one position in doubles and is loyal to Nike intentionally.

“Nike is much more affordable than brands like Under Armour, and I love the designs and quality of their products,” Zielke said.

Zielke also said she feels Nike goes above and beyond to satisfy consumers.

Junior track and field thrower Andee Ball likes Nike because of the various styles and colors the brand offers.

When Ball is shopping for new apparel, Nike is always her first choice.

“I’ll definitely veer towards the Nike apparel before anything else in a sporting goods store; so if that doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what would,” Ball said.

Unfortunately, name brand apparel often does not fit into the budget of most college students.

“When it comes to show nine times out of ten I’ll choose Nike. But clothes and products can be expensive, so I buy other brands on occasion,” Zielke said. “If Nike is on sale, though, I always go for that over anything else.”

Senior baseball shortstop Riley Spetz chooses his equipment and apparel based on comfort.

“For clothing I like Nike, but I like to wear New Balance cleats because they are the most comfortable and make me feel most like I’m wearing normal shoes,” Spetz said. “Other brands make my feet sore.”

Along with New Balance, Spetz prefers different brands for his other baseball equipment.

“I like Wilson for my gloves, and Franklin for my batting gloves,” Spetz said.

Spetz  prefers Franklin batting gloves because of their fit and durability, and in his opinion, Wilson fielding gloves are outmatched for craftsmanship. However, when it comes to athletic clothing his loyalties waver.

For freshman women’s basketball guard Michaela Roland, her loyalty Nike was established over a few years.

“It appeals to many age levels, so I have been buying Nike clothes for a while now,” Roland said.

Roland also said she likes Nike’s unique designs, and when she is looking for athletic clothing, it is her go to brand.

“I would say I neglect other clothing brands because Nike is my favorite, and I don’t exactly give time to the other brands,” Roland said.

The track and field is sponsored by Asics, but Ball said her love for Nike often wins out.

“Even though our team is sponsored by Asics, my Asics apparel definitely gets the most neglect out of all of my athletic clothing.”

Although Zielke had the same loyalty, she said she would gladly switch to a new brand if it were to fit her ideal standards.

“If there are any large and affordable brands out there that would offer more sustainable clothing options, that would definitely be my new favorite brand,” Zielke said. “And when I think sustainable, I expect something that does not just contain a tiny bit of recycled fiber. I expect the whole works.”


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