Protective Services Report: 4/23/15

Sunday, April 12: A male was stopped for driving his moped on the sidewalk.


Monday, April 13: Female called to report her car windshield had been shattered by a baseball hit from the practicing team.


Tuesday, April 14: PS received a call about a group of people in front of Debot by the center stone chairs who exuded a strong marijuana smell.


Wednesday, April 15: PS received a call from a student’s mother. He hadn’t called, texted or emailed since Sunday.


Wednesday, April 15: Student’s mother called demanding that officers find her son. She tried contacting his roommate and he did not return the call. PS informed her that an officer was able to determine that he is OK.


Thursday, April 16: SSPD radioed to report that a disorderly 22-year-old male was causing trouble in Lower Debot. He was not harming others and was contained by two people. He made threats to harm others, but had no weapons.


Friday, April 17: City dispatch officers investigated a gas leak in a house near campus.


Friday, April 17: DUC staff member called asking what to do with a biohazard bag filled with vomit. PS transferred her to the emergency management department. She did not know the ill student’s name, but confirmed that they did not need medical assistance.


Friday, April 17: Student’s mother called stating there was an incident last weekend, and he has not returned to school. She requested to talk to his roommate. PS transferred her to the Dean of Students.


Friday, April 17: PS heard a city dispatch ambulance for a biker who was hit by a car.


Friday, April 17: Two individuals were stopped with open intoxicants.


Saturday, April 18: Two cars were reported in the Schmeeckle parking lot. PS went to investigate but found both cars unoccupied.


Saturday, April 18: PS accompanied city police to locate an individual who was running from police.

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