Fringe Festival Showcases Original Student Work
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Fringe Festival Showcases Original Student Work

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s Players Student Artistic Alliance presented “Inedible,” the fringe festival of 5 original student plays, directed, designed, and acted by students.

“Indelible” was chosen as a theme after a year-long deliberation.

“This year especially, the fringe plays have all taken on the unique perspective of college students. As a group, we have individually told stories that we don’t often see in main stage shows,” said Silvia Bond, junior acting major. “Putting together the fringe festival is great because we as students get this collaborative experience of creating these stories from ground up.”

The production focuses on college students and will be staged in a thrust, meaning the audience will sit on three sides of the stage.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for students to explore original work and artfully build crafted moments in the company of their peers,” said Marielle Schichardt, acting and psychology major. “Collaboration is crucial in this process. Everyone contributes. It’s delightfully rewarding to witness the final product.”

Sam Skalbeck, junior musical theatre major, is excited to act in the production.

“It’s great to see so many students from different majors coming together to put together our own show,” Skalbeck said.

The original plays students wrote that will be included in the production are “Febreze” by Silvia Bond, “The Fort” by Emily Reeves, “Stubborn Ghost” by Tatyana Nahirniak, and “The Beat” Marielle Schuchardt. All incorporate themes of college parties, sisterhood, horror, depression or relationships.

“Fringe has always been one of my favorite events of the year,” said Emily Reeves, musical theatre major. “It’s a chance for students to stretch themselves and do theatre on their terms. I’ve been a stage manager, an actor, a playwright and chaired the event and have learned so many things from each role.”


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