Kind Hearts Live Close to Home

Eric Custer and Sierra Mueller, who met through their high school’s track and field team when Mueller ran distance and Custer coached jumpers, will be married June 20. Hearts

“We waited until I was out of high school for us to officially date,” Mueller said. “Jokingly, people would give me a hard time for dating a coach right after I got out of high school.”

They became engaged two years ago but wanted to wait until Mueller graduated from college for the wedding.

Since Mueller was in college longer than Custer, the two had to juggle time in order to see each other, but they managed. Custer said the two of them are sports fans they will attend a game together.

Their friends and family are overjoyed the two found each other and are planning their lives together.

“It seems like they have been dating forever,” said Allison Kline, Custer’s cousin.

Since Kline is a wedding planner, she helped Custer and Mueller with arrangements and is exited to see the couple take this leap together in life.

“It is cute to watch them become adults by shopping for a place to live and making a large commitment together,” Kline said.

Friends and family described the couple as outgoing and possessing kind hearts. Tyler Custer, best man, supported his older brother’s decision.

“I’m excited because I know it will work out for them,” Tyler Custer said. “He deserves someone like her.”

The two plan on moving to Marshfield, near their hometown of Stratford, to stay close to family and raise one of their own.


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