Workshop Provides Outreach to Young Musicians

Workshop Provides Outreach to Young Musicians

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point faculty will help junior high and high school students prepare young musicians for solo and ensemble, the weekend of April 25.

This will be the second year UWSP has hosted a workshop for the competition, allowing students the chance to put finishing touches on their pieces. Jazz on the street

“There are 11 music faculty members donating their time, and last year we had roughly 50 participants,” said Patrick Lawerence, assistant professor of low brass and instrumental music. “Registration for this year is still coming in, but I think we will surpass last year’s.”

Patrick Miles, director of orchestral activities and professor of horn, said the workshop is important for students in the area.

“When you look at the number of rural schools in our area, some of those students may be a very long way away and cannot take private lessons on a regular basis,” Miles said. “This can help fill in those areas of need.”

Stacey Berk, professor of oboe and music theory said interactions between students and professionals strengthen music in the community and the university.

“It benefits the students by giving them feedback and suggestions and aids their musical preparation,” Berk said. “It benefits the university by getting these top students on campus and letting them interact with faculty.”

MusicWorkshop1Though the College of Fine Arts and Communication has been under pressure lately due to talks of cutting its administration, this workshop shows community outreach is still a priority.

“The COFAC has lately been called ‘the window of the university,’ as it is often through these types of arts opportunities that students are able to learn about UWSP and all that it has to offer,” Berk said.

The solo and ensemble competition will be held on May 2, and will bring young, talented musicians to the area.

“This is great outreach for our department, helping strengthen music education in our state,” Lawerence said.


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