Community Veterans Gather to Gain Interconnections

The Veterans Club of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point hosted a meet and greet event, allowing local organizations to network, on April 23.

The event showcased the club’s fundraising success for groups like Veterans Outdoor World, Camp American Legion and the Never Forgotten Honor Flight.

The club raised $1,444 for Never Forgotten Honor Flight and $700 for Veterans Outdoor World and Camp American Legion. It obtained money through fundraising events, including ice fishing competitions, a Packer raffle and a 5K run in the fall.

Photo by Terese Barta.

Photo by Terese Barta.

“We like to work with clubs and organizations on campus as much as we can but being a specialty group, there are community veterans’ organizations that we can work with beneficially,” said Joshua Fager, club president.

When together, club members like to connect with each other.

“Decades apart but the stories don’t change, just the places and the names,” Terese Barta, adviser for the UWSP Veterans Club and associate professor of biology. “The experiences and its impact on you as a human-being is pretty much the same.”

Many business owners and community members talked with attendees.

“We didn’t really know what to expect going into it, but everything that did occur was awesome,” Fager said. ” We had people talk to each other and work together to find connections.”

David Chrisinger an instructor of the “Back from the Front: Transitioning from the Military to Civilian Life” course, spoke at the event. He provided students and community members with the opportunity to hear about the class and how Chrisinger has opened a new door for veterans transitioning back to civilian life.

Around 40 people attended the meet and great, gathering to speak about the past as well as the future.


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