Second Student Opposition Sparks Conversation

Second Student Opposition Sparks Conversation

Students of all academic standings and majors gathered outside Pray-Sims Hall on Sunday, April 26, to spread awareness and protest Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed budget cuts.

Chants such as “cut the cuts” and “we are unstoppable” could be heard across all corners of campus as the group walked and rode bicycles through residence hall areas and Lower Debot, eventually winding up at Old Main for a public forum.

Initially, they split into three groups and went into various halls to recruit more protesters.

“I’m just trying to get the word out,” said Joe Paoletti, sophomore conservation planning policy major. “I want to get people to contact their representatives and explain how they feel and how this will affect them.”

Many students who participated had just returned from a meeting with students from across the state about saving shared governance. It was organized through the United Council of University of Wisconsin Students.

Brewster Johnson and Cailie Kafura organized the event with the help of others who made signs and brought friends. In addition, the group used #makingourpoint as a way to stay united on social media.

Matt Rosner, senior computer information systems major, said he participated with the intent of informing other students about their rights as citizens.

“Political action is really what matters,” said Tyler Smith, vice chair of College Democrats of Wisconsin. “People in office who are making the decisions we might disagree with are there because they did just that. They ran for office.”

Amanda McGovern, president of the United Council of UW Students, said it is especially important for students at smaller schools to make their voices heard.

“Some legislators are only talking about UW and UWM,” she said. “They are forgetting about smaller schools like UWSP and Superior that can’t handle this drastic of a cut.”

No more rallies are scheduled for the rest of the semester, but the group is brainstorming other creative ideas to get more people involved and informed, including an opinion-writing workshop.


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