Flynn Snags Two Top Spots in the Nation
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Flynn Snags Two Top Spots in the Nation

Hard work and steady progression paid off for Kadie Flynn, junior women’s track and field thrower, who is ranked No. 1 in the nation in discus and No. 2  for hammer throw.

“One of the great things about Kadie is her limits are unknown.  Every year she surpasses the goals that we line up for her; there hasn’t been much of a plateau in sight,” said Amy Krzykowski, throws coach.

Flynn took 16th in hammer at the outdoor national championships last year and seventh in the discus throw.

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Photo by Jack McLaughlin.

“I stayed with my seed for hammer, but I was ranked twenty-first going in for discus so I almost didn’t make it,” Flynn said. “But I had a big PR of about two meters.”

This outdoor season Flynn broke the hammer throw record twice with a distance of 55.85 meters.

Following her steady improvements, Flynn had what she described as a phenomenal meet where she first broke the record.

“This year has been crazy,” Flynn said, “I didn’t even know I would be doing this well. My coach always told me I would be number one in the nation for discus, but when people tell you that stuff you don’t think it’s real.”

Flynn started throwing when she was encouraged to become more involved in athletics. Sports involving hand-eye coordination did not interest her, so she joined swimming, as well as track and field.

Krzyowski said Flynn’s mindset is that hard work is necessary to become what you wish.

“Even as a freshman, upperclassmen were looking to Kadie to lead,” Krzyowski said. “She would push at practice and in conditioning. It’s easy to take it easy or skip part of your lift, but she never did that.”

Krzyowski also said Flynn is humble and an athlete who truly loves her sport.

“She doesn’t do this for the glory or pride, she does it because she truly enjoys it,” Krzykowski said. “I know she has so much more in her, and I hope she never loses that part of her.”

Senior Cara Jansen agreed with Krzykowski.

“She is just an amazingly humble and caring person,” Jansen said. “She achieves amazing things in throws constantly but never wants to be the center of attention. She always asks the other athletes how they did first.”
Jansen has been throwing with Flynn for three years and is proud to compete with her.

“She’s goofy at practice and doesn’t take things too seriously, but when it’s time to get work done she is very focused,” Jansen said. “She is one of the most motivated athletes I’ve ever met.”

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Photo by Jack McLaughlin.

Flynn said she would like to place as an All-American again for both events at nationals this year.

Krzykowski said she would like to see Flynn produce a 50-meter throw in discus and at least a 57-meter throw in hammer.

Flynn is currently two inches off the discus school record, and Krzykowski said she can see Flynn continuing to break her own school records.

“Being ranked so high comes with a lot of pressure from coaches, teammates, and even friends and family,” Jansen said. “I want her to remember why she throws and enjoys it because it’s over faster than she realizes.”


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