More Students Need to Enroll in Summer Classes

More Students Need to Enroll in Summer Classes

Students who aren’t graduating this semester should consider enrolling in a summer course.

I took COMM 101 last summer, and I’m happy I did. I wasn’t excited about the course, but I knew I couldn’t endure 16 weeks of it, so taking it over break seemed like the best option.

While it definitely wasn’t easy and I worked on readings and speeches for at least three hours each day, I was only in the class for three weeks. The time passed quickly, and suddenly I finished the course and earned three credits.

I’ve enrolled in both summer and winterim courses during my time at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and I’ve enjoyed the experience. Because I’ve done this, I have the option to graduate in two and a half years, and I’ll be finished with my undergraduate degree in a little more than half the typical time.

In summer 2014, 1,723 students, including non-UWSP, continuing-education students, took advantage of the opportunities these courses offer, and I hope more students enroll this summer.

Enrolling in general classes during break gives students more freedom to take classes they need during the fall and spring semesters. General classes tend to be pushed aside during the semester when coursework for classes within a major becomes the top priority. By taking classes during these periods, students are able to focus on doing well in only one class, making it easier to succeed.

For those unable to be on campus, UWSP offers nearly 150 fully-online classes that are still open for registration and additional continuing-education courses, allowing students to travel and explore different parts of the country while also earning credit.

Summer classes are also cheaper. For the 2014-2015 academic year, they’re $321.23 per credit, versus the fall and spring tuition price of $378.46 per credit. College students have to appreciate saving money.

So, for those who need to complete general courses or need something to do during break, enroll in a summer course. It’s worth it.


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