SIEO Provides Art Therapy to Students
Students took a break from studying to express their creative sides. Photo by Riddhi Gandhi.

SIEO Provides Art Therapy to Students

The Student Involvement and Employment Office’s Arts In Pieces provided students art therapy to relieve the stress of finals on April 22.

Mariah Pfundheller, SIEO Student Leadership and Marketing Coordinator, said the event is part of a leadership program the office hosts every year.

“The purpose of Arts In Pieces is to educate students on different ways to deal with their stress, since this is such a stressful time with finals at the end of the year. Liz Gilmore did a great job at educating students on how they can approach stress in a healthy way,” Pfundheller said.

The intimate event started with Elizabeth Gilmore, SIEO’s Greek Life and Leadership Coordinator, talking about various ways to manage stress. Suggestions she provided included visual imagination, breathing exercises, Tai Chi and art therapy.

Photo by Riddhi Gandhi.

Photo by Riddhi Gandhi.

Gilmore said the event helps students learn relaxation techniques.

“We talked about identifying stressors, how relaxation responses are good for reducing stress, practiced a few relaxation techniques and ended with painting,” Gilmore said. “We offer this program so students can learn real tangible skills for stress reduction and relax by painting.”

Within the last hour, each student received a canvas, watercolors, and paints to help express themselves and release stress. Art materials provided were free of charge from SIEO. Participants painted various quotes, animals, and scenic landscapes.

“Art In Pieces was an extraordinary time,” said Hannah Piencikowski, elementary education major. “It was relaxing, creative, and a great place to meet new people who enjoyed painting and expressing themselves.”


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