Soirée Musicale Showcases Music Talents
The 17th annual Soiree Musical took place on April 24th. Photo courtesy of COFAC.

Soirée Musicale Showcases Music Talents

A night of fun, talent and excitement surrounded the 17th annual Soirée Musicale, a fundraiser for the scholarship fund designated for University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point music students, on Friday, April 24.

Faculty, alumni and students prepared for the event, which is the largest of its kind, with tickets priced at $50 for guests. Students who received scholarships were active during preparations. Many scholarships were awarded to incoming freshmen.

Photo courtesy of COFAC

Photo courtesy of COFAC

“The Soirée Musicale is all about raising money for music scholarships for incoming freshmen as well as upperclassmen,” said Amy Bakken, Soirée Musicale co-chair. “The Central Wisconsin community loves and supports musicians at UWSP, and this is a great way for them to give back, insuring growth and excellence in the students that come here. On an entertainment level, the Soirée Musicale is a fun evening filled with entertaining music from the students, as well as our very talented faculty.”

The theme of  this year’s event was “Anything Goes,” which is also the title of a 1930’s musical. The musical takes place in a cruise ship, which was incorporated into the Soirée Musicale set design.

“The Soirée Musicale is a wonderful convergence of passions: the passion of the musicians in presenting a high-quality, engaging program, the passion of the event organizers, who work tirelessly and engage their ingenuity in planning and delivering the event, and the passion of the audience members, who are so supportive of these young musicians,” said Patricia Holland, UWSP Music Department chair. “The scholarship funds raised through the Soirée Musicale allow us to support outstanding music students, and we are so grateful.”


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