Students Share Opinions on Smoking Ban Effectiveness

Students Share Opinions on Smoking Ban Effectiveness

At the start of  the 2014 fall semester, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point banned all tobacco product use on campus

Students had mixed feelings when UWSP announced the ban. As the end of the spring semester approaches, students still have conflicting opinions.

Derek Steger, sophomore graphic design major, smokes a few cigarettes per week. Steger supports the ban.

“I think the ban was a good step for the school,” Steger said. “I think that universities should take precautions when it comes to their student’s health.”

Steger lives off campus and said he is not bothered by the ban.

“Even though I smoke sometimes, I look at the perspective of people who can’t stand smoking at all,” Steger said. “I understand that they like their space and do not want people smoking at the university that they attend.”

Steger feels the ban has been effective since he has noticed an increase in the amount of students smoking off campus.

Aidan Bakken, sophomore forest management major, occasionally smokes cigarettes and disapproves of the ban.

“I feel like smoking on campus does not affect anyone on campus that drastically,” Bakken said. “I think if you’re outside, the smoke dissipates quickly so secondhand smoke is not that much of an issue. It’s not going to kill you.”

Bakken does not  feel that the ban is effective because people will try to find ways around the ban.

Amanda Wallis, sophomore communicative disorders major, sees pros and cons of the ban.

“One of the reasons I don’t agree with the ban is because I feel like people should have the choice and opportunity to smoke,” Wallis said. “It is legal for them to smoke, and it does take away some of their personal rights. However, I think it is best for the campus to have this ban because it does promote a healthier student body.”

Wallis does not smoke and since the ban was enforced she has noticed less people smoking around campus.

“I don’t think that it’s necessarily fair that those who smoke cannot smoke on campus, but all they have to do is step off campus and smoke,” Wallis said. “It’s not that hard to find somewhere else.”


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