Experience Holds More Value than a Degree

UWSP students, faculty and staff take pride in knowing that many Pointers graduate in four years, which is a great accomplishment considering our issues with bottleneck courses.

I’ve been at UWSP for two years, and because of earning 30 credits during high school and enrolling in summer courses, I could graduate in one more semester. While I’ve considered the monetary benefits of graduating one and a half years early, I’m planning to stretch out my time and stay for three full years, without adding another major or minor.

This decision to stay at UWSP weighed on me heavily this year. I compared the benefits of each option, and while I felt pressure to graduate and begin my career early, I realized that I have more to learn and do at UWSP.

During the remainder of my time on campus, I hope to learn learn more about American literature and study Hawthorne and Melville during a major authors course.

I want to connect with other students, faculty and staff to learn and share their stories.

And I hope to strengthen The Pointer by focusing on our online content and publishing on a daily basis.

I want to spend this time learning more about myself and preparing for life after graduation.

Because we focus on graduating quickly, we sometimes overlook why students are here. I came to UWSP because we have strong academic programs and opportunities I wouldn’t have at a larger school. I want to take advantage of the most I can here before leaving, and I need to stay longer than necessary to do that.

Graduating without delay, which Chancellor Bernie Patterson has made clear he values greatly, is important, but it shouldn’t be our only goal. UWSP provides our chance to learn and grow, meet new people, understand the world a little bit better and prepare ourselves for our futures.

While a degree is important, we need to value our experience and education at UWSP more. It’s important that students feel that they’ve prepared themselves to graduate and be successful in the future, no matter the time to degree.

Grace Ebert



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