Protective Services Report: 5/7/15

Sunday, April 26: Female called from the Suites about a man with black sweats and a white or gray sweater being loud and mooning people. He was last seen headed to Lot Q.

Monday, April 27: Facility Services staff member wanted to talk to an officer regarding suspicious items found in Nelson.

Monday, April 27: Male called to report a college-aged male who was shouting at his family as they loaded a bike onto a vehicle. He was shouting profanity and the caller was concerned for his safety.

Monday, April 27: Thomson staff member called to ask PS to pick up a box of marijuana and pipes. Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 11.48.38 AM

Monday, April 27: The sheriff’s office called to report a suicidal male in Schmeeckle. He was last seen wearing a black tank top and jeans. He was threatening suicide via hanging.

Tuesday, April 28: Student contacted base to report a stolen backpack from the CMC lab on the third floor of the NFAC. His iPad was in his backpack and he used the Find Your iPad app, but the device was offline.

Wednesday, April 29: Faculty member called to alert PS that she had just kicked a student out of class. He was walking around the building and had a baseball cap on. She thought he needed to talk to someone.

Thursday, April 30: PS received an unanswered call from the Delzell elevator phone.

Friday, May 1: Community member called to report young people outside the HEC at the pedestrian crosswalk who appeared to be disturbing and possibly attempting to damage the crosswalk sign.

Saturday, May 2: Steiner staff member called because residents reported a 40 to 45-year-old male subject standing outside pacing for more than an hour. Residents felt uncomfortable by his presence and requested PS come to the area.

Saturday, May 2: Watston staff member called reporting a highly intoxicated male who was trying to get in. The staff member asked him to leave repeatedly and had escorted him from the building several times.

Saturday, May 2: Father of student called reporting receiving calls from his daughter’s phone by her boyfriend. The father asked to speak with his daughter, but the boyfriend would not let her have the phone.

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