BFA Students Reflect on their Final Showcases

BFA Students Reflect on their Final Showcases

BFA5“My senior exhibition was about how we as a society often throw things aside after they have served their purposes. So, I painted the forgotten. The cars in the Casimir Salvage yard have been just that, forgotten. I wanted to show that even with decay they could still be beautiful.” – David Leverett, BFA major with 2D emphasis in painting and drawing.

“Through this series, I have referenced familial photographs to assist the depiction of distant memories and past experiences with the use of a semi-translucent medium. This work encompasses the emotional relationship with my parents, self-identity, and the reflection of nostalgic moments.” -Megan Bloesch, arts management major and art major with 2D emphasis in painting and printmaking.

“Through my artwork I choose to explore the effects of secrets, specifically to understand how personalities and appearances shift as secrets travel between recipients.” -Hector Acuna, BFA major with 2D emphasis.

“It is a form of art that is very expressive and combines both 2D and 3D work together. I wanted to push myself to work on things that I don’t talk about. It was a psychological exercise for me.” -Allison Witte, graphic design and 2D design major.

“I have always had a strong need to do the human body and human form. This is my interpretation of what has already been done, but creating something that is unique to myself.” -Andrew Simons, BFA major with 2D emphasis.

“My work is loosely based on traditional biology illustrations, but the backgrounds are actually abstracted environments based off the birds’ natural habitat and include various textures using the intaglio etching methods of printmaking.” -Jessica Luer, BFA major with 2D emphasis. BFA1

“I am fascinated in the change of memory over time and how this can change identity. By closely examining other people’s memories, I intend to show how others can influence that change.” -Katrina Rudolph, BFA major with 3D emphasis.


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