Movie Review: ‘Avengers’ Assembles Another Amazing Adventure

Movie Review: ‘Avengers’ Assembles Another Amazing Adventure

Did anyone else ever have action figures or dolls as a kid? Ones from all kinds of different brands that were not even supposed to go together, but you played with them all at the same time anyway? Did you ever mix together toys like G.I. Joe, Barbie, and Michelangelo to make whatever goofy story you imagined?

That is what “Avengers: Age of Ultron” essentially is. It might not make sense for all of this stuff to mix together but sense is not really the point. It is about being a kid, and coloring your picture with every crayon in the box just because you can. Maybe giving the dinosaur in your coloring book rainbow-colored flesh does not make sense but it still looks cool.

Making you feel like a kid is exactly what Marvel movies are all about. This theme continues with “Age of Ultron” where you will get the same over-the-top action and witty banter which the previous movies, and most of our Saturday morning cartoons, offered. This movie is made to be watched while tweaking out on a sugary Lucky Charms high.

Speaking of charms, the actors still bring those in spades. Robert Downey Jr. continues playing a toned-down version of his real-world self, while Mark Ruffalo continues to be a tortured emo-kid between fits of smashing and Chris Evans continues to be a sheepishly adorable super-virgin.

I feel like we do not get enough of Chris Hemsworth’s loveably goofy Thor, though. A lot of his screen-time was seemingly given in a failed effort to convince audiences that Hawkeye is important… still not buying that one. If you want to give a non-super character more screen-time, Black Widow deserves it more.

Not giving enough time to stuff that deserves it is the main flaw of “Age of Ultron.” It is like a buffet where you grab so many different things that look good and end up not getting enough of the best stuff. The first “Avengers” movie balanced this concept better.

“Age of Ultron” is still a worthy successor, though. It does not take this cinematic universe to a new level, but keeps the ball rolling in a satisfying way, earning itself 8 annoyingly alliterative movie review titles out of 10.


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