Students Ditch Organics, Cook to Save Money

Attempting to eat healthily, with a college budget, is a challenge for many students living off campus who prepare their own food.

Kasea Roman, senior special education major, lives off campus and maintains a healthy diet while budgeting her money. Before going to Trigs, Roman makes sure to cut out coupons she gets in the mail.

“Because I am on such a tight budget, I prefer not to buy organic foods. Eating organic is a personal choice, but for me and what I strive for in my nutrition I don’t feel that I need to eat organic. It’s so much more expensive,” Roman said.

Students are saving money by cooking their own meals, rather than eating out.

Students are saving money by cooking their own meals, rather than eating out.

In addition to not eating organic food, Roman also prefers buying frozen fruit over fresh, because it is cheaper.

“My boyfriend and I try to limit how much we eat out. We eat out once every two weeks. We do try to limit it, because if you start making a habit out of it you’re going to end up spending a lot more money than you want to,” Roman said.

Roman enjoys cooking at home, chicken being one of her favorite things to prepare.

“I make chicken three to five times a week. I love doing anything with chicken. My favorite is probably a lemon chicken pasta. I use whole wheat noodles and then I bake chicken in some lemon juice,” Roman said.

Kat Taylor, junior arts management major, has also been enjoying cooking her own meals at her new apartment.

“Now that I am living in an apartment I am constantly thinking about what I have in my fridge and utilizing my leftovers. I like to make sure I eat the food that I have before it goes bad, that way I don’t waste food,” Taylor said.

Taylor tries to buy food in bulk so that she can use her money more efficiently.

“When I buy products from the grocery store, I try and look at the ingredients in the products, and buy products with fewer ingredients because they are less processed,” Taylor said.

Like Roman, Taylor also chooses to budget her money by only eating out occasionally.

“I always feel better about myself when I prepare a healthy meal at home as opposed to eating out. It’s nice cooking for myself because then I can control what goes into my food,” Taylor said.


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