Students Are OK with Co-ed Bathrooms
Steiner Hall is one dorm with all-gender restrooms.

Students Are OK with Co-ed Bathrooms

Students living in Smith, Steiner and Watson residence halls have a new bathroom experience.

As of the fall 2015 semester, these halls have co-ed bathrooms on the second floors, allowing students who identify as genders other than male or female to be comfortable in their living space.

“I think people are responding to it really well. I have seen a lot of people of all genders using it, which is great,” said Megan Flanagan, Watson Hall community adviser. “We haven’t had any complaints of discrimination at all.”

Co-ed bathrooms are new as of fall 2015.

Co-ed bathrooms are new as of fall 2015.

While this pilot program seems to be running successfully, some parents are concerned, but Tim Zeszutek, Steiner Hall resident, said it should not be a problem.

“I think the bathroom was a great idea. It gives a lot of students an option that if they want to use it they can,” Zeszutek said. “I have used it myself. It’s not that big of a deal. It’s like going to the bathroom at my parent’s house. We all use it, so everyone else uses it here.”

Co-ed restrooms are located in the south wing of Smith and Steiner and the west wing of Watson. Each has lockable showers, and gender-specific restrooms are available for students who are uncomfortable with sharing space.

“I actually like the gender neutral bathrooms. I think it’s really awesome that we have one in our building,” said Kim Collins, a boardfield social science and education major. “I have even noticed that the guys have been using it, and I use that bathroom every day.”


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