From Tourist to Traveler
Courtesy of Sophie Stickelmaier

From Tourist to Traveler

This past week, I spent my days exploring the ancient Roman baths, eating three-course meals three times a day and enjoying the deliciously-liberal city of Brighton.

With a group of 19 women and one lonesome boy, we began a week-long entry tour filled with tours of cathedrals, castles and historical landmarks scattered across England.

Bathe was the first stop on our itinerary and it was, by far, the most stunning place I’ve seen yet. The city is filled with cobbled streets, blooming gardens and a plethora of history. We also had the opportunity to tour the Roman baths, which were originally used for socializing as well as bathing, but is now considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Courtesy of Sophie Stickelmaier

Courtesy of Sophie Stickelmaier

After seeing one cathedral, and a three-hour bus ride later, we arrived at the seaside town of Brighton. It immediately reminded me of San Francisco with its funky cafes, miles of coast and rainbow flags in every window. On our last night in Brighton, I managed to see a jazz band, watch swing dancers and go to an old school drag show where a lovely lady sung tunes from Wizard of Oz all night.

To be honest, I learned more about the culture and life of Brighton during that one night out than I did in all the tours combined. Granted, I love learning the historical traits of a city, but by meeting the locals and immersing myself in their lifestyle I was able to see the city through their eyes and not the eyes of a tourist.

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