Cuts to Career Services Leads to Merger
Photo by Allison Birr Career Services has not been cut completely, but is experiencing a merger.

Cuts to Career Services Leads to Merger

Career Services is restructuring the way it interacts with students this semester in response to last year’s budget cuts.

It is undergoing a merger with the Student Academic Advising Center, said Lorry Walters, associate director at the office, which will produce the Academic and Career Advising Center.

Together, the offices have lost three staff members to the cuts, and student advising will needs additional resources. Assessments will also be handled differently.

However, many students have yet to feel effects from the transition.

“Most of these changes have occurred over the summer, and with the semester just starting, I don’t think the students have probably felt the impact yet,” Walters said. “The challenge we’re going to face is there aren’t any fewer students – in fact, there are probably more.”

According to Walters, not everything has changed. Alumni still have access to the same services the office has offered in the past, although they might not be able to access services when they are being heavily utilized by students.

Walters said she is not alone in her concern for the merger.  Alan Bustamante, chief of staff of the Student Government Association, said he was apprehensive about the possibility of cuts to tools for students such as the Myers-Briggs test.

“They do a really great job. If anything is to impact them with the budget cuts, the students will probably have a hard time,” Bustamante said.

Scott Strey, senior web and digital media development major, also has expressed his concern.

“I haven’t had any experience with them yet this year, but I imagine with cutbacks it would be harder to get an appointment in with the right person,” he said.

Nevertheless, Walters said he hopes the changes will have minimal impact on students, and he believes the office will still be useful to find employment.

“I am pleased that we’re still here, and hopefully we’ll still be here for students and employers and faculty and staff, as a resource,” Walter said. “But again, like many areas on campus, we’re going to have to work differently than we have in the past, and that means changes.”

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