Dining Services Provides Nutrition Facts for Students
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Dining Services Provides Nutrition Facts for Students

Students hoping to stay away from the freshman 15 have a way to keep their diets in check.

On the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point website, students can find nutritional information from Dining Services available through NetNutrition, which allows diners to view what goes into the food offered on campus at Upper Debot, Lower Debot and the Dreyfus University Center food court.

Alyssa Blume, senior dietetics major, helps to organize the nutritional information in an informational system called CBORD.

“The system calculates out the total nutrition of the recipe, and we tell it what portion size to use so that it calculates out the nutrition for a single serving,” Blume said.

Blume said the information calculated is used for nutrition labels at various dining locations and shown on NetNutrition.

“My role in providing nutrition information is taking nutrition and ingredient information from vendors and their products and entering the information into the computer system,” Blume said.

Blume said one of her favorite nutritional options on campus is the featured grain of the day, offered at Upper Debot.

Nora Stanczyk, CBORD administrator, said she believes students deserve to have a variety of foods to choose from on campus.

“We have several healthy options. We always try and give gluten-free options for people with allergies. There are also so many vegetable choices for the subs. We do a lot with grains as well,” Stanczyk said.

Camen Haessig, senior dietetics major, is a CBORD student operations manager and said whenever new recipes are created, student opinion is always taken into account.

“A large portion of the food we serve on campus is our own recipes. I would say one of the more premade items is guacamole. We do make a lot of the cookies. I know that we buy the dough for the bagels, but we still bake it here on campus,” Haessig said.

Haessig said she suggests one option for students looking to eat healthier is to choose something with grilled chicken in it.

“In dietetics we learn a lot about obesity and diabetes,” Haessig said. “I think for that reason it’s important to give students healthy options to help them make better eating choices.”

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