New Student Organization Hoping to Boost Pointer Pride
D.A.W.G. during one of its first practices. Photo by Jake Kujawa

New Student Organization Hoping to Boost Pointer Pride

Drum and Wind Group, a new student organization, is making its mark on campus.

D.A.W.G. is a music group that combines the energy of a pep band and the style of a marching band into its performances.

Jake Kujawa, senior communication major, came up with the idea for the group when he first started attending the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point three years ago. He was significantly involved in his high school band program and wanted to carry his involvement into his college career. However, UWSP did not have the music organization he was looking for.

“I basically saw a need for an organization like this and decided to fill it myself. It hasn’t been easy. It has taken us about three years to get it off the ground and jump through all the proper hoops, but we are finally there,” Kujawa said.

With the help of Eric Heintz, junior resource management law enforcement major, he created D.A.W.G. All UWSP students are welcome to join the organization and can be of any skill level.

Kujawa’s goal for the group is to someday be large enough to compete with the University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire marching bands. He wants D.A.W.G. to mimic their energy and enthusiasm and create a sound that students, faculty and alumni will remember when they think of UWSP.

“For as long as I’m here, I want to do as much as I can to revitalize and amp up the school spirit around here. I hope we reach everybody on some sort of level where they can connect our sound to themselves being part of an establishment. I want people to feel proud that they are a Pointer,” Kujawa said.

The group’s first performance was at the Cru Volleyball Blast on Sept. 1.

“They did a really good job. I was extremely impressed by their performance. I knew they were talented. I just didn’t know it was to that extent. So, it was a nice surprise,” said Victoria Philippon, junior elementary education major, a spectator at the Cru Volleyball Blast.

The group has 25 members and is growing. D.A.W.G.’s big debut performance will be during the homecoming pep rally at 6 p.m. Oct. 2. It is in the process of auditioning to be part of the halftime show during the homecoming football game.

“It is exciting seeing it come together. It’s nothing big yet, but its starting to turn into something big,” said Aaron O’Rourke, senior environmental law enforcement major, a drummer for D.A.W.G.

For more information on D.A.W.G., email or join the Facebook page, D.A.W.G. (Drum and Wind Group). D.A.W.G. meets every Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Noel Fine Arts Center, Room 201 .


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