Intramural Leaders Hope to Bolster Program
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Intramural Leaders Hope to Bolster Program

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point intramural program leaders are hoping to boost participation this semester.

“Right now, numbers are down a little bit. Block one is normally like that with the freshman not knowing really what to do, but we are expecting it to pick right back up where we left off going into these next blocks,” said Victoria Waslicki, senior student manager.

Twenty-five different sports are available for students to be involved in each six-week block, attracting 9,000 participants last year alone. Due to state budget cuts, Outdoor Edventures recently merged with the program, giving it more options for students to be active. 

“Despite block one being smaller with numbers, basketball and volleyball fill up all hours almost immediately at both the division one and division two levels. Everybody loves to play those two sports specifically,” said Connor Ellenbecker, senior student manager.

Fall and spring months offer some different season sports like flag football and softball that draw large crowds, Waslicki said.

“Softball especially attracts a lot of people. The students really like it. You get to be in the warm weather for the final time. In the spring, students are excited to get back outside consistently,” Waslicki said. “Over the past couple of years, we have been so full with softball that we’ve had to have rotating schedules with four fields being filled for hours.”

Waslicki said the intramural crew continues brainstorming ideas to get more students involved. One of these ideas is the revival of the outdoor volleyball league that  has not happened for at least four years.

“We have been trying to discuss something with lacrosse, so we can create a club league for our students because it is a massive interest here that we haven’t been able to tap into yet,” Waslicki said.

Ellenbecker said football could be adjusted, too.

“We are also looking into modifying our flag football program to 7-on-7, no lineman just the quarterback, running back, and wide outs,” Ellenbecker said.

Ellenbecker said drawing a crowd is also important, so the team is looking into creating interesting leagues.

“We are looking into bubble soccer. It is in the works hopefully. We are working with Centertainment in an event with it, and we are hoping to make it available for a block in the future,” Ellenbecker said.


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